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PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:22 am 

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Presumably V's husband is in the best position to
research, via his family and / or directly, what his
job prospects are and likely wages should he find
However, I believe a hospital Sister in the NHS earns
approx £30,000 p.a..
There is no way that V. is going to earn even one
quarter of that sum with odd bits of childminding
for expat or Anglophile families.
I would have thought that they would have to accept
a huge reduction in family income, even if he lands a job
, - which quite simply
only they can decide whether the sun and other lifestyle
aspects of living in Portugal compensate for.
Unless fully supported financially and with living accommod-
ation I simply do not see how they could make the move work.

I was in Porto 15 months ago and noticed the following
straw in the wind re local economy :
I had occasion on a Saturday to visit a shopping centre up near the Casa
da Mu'sica. When I left, around 3pm ish, it was pouring rain
so I decided to get a cab to my hotel.
Far from this being difficult, as it would be in London whenever
it rains, there was a very long line of cabs at the rank.
I got into conversation with the driver ( at front of rank) who told me he had been waiting over two hours for a fare.
The fare was just over Euros 5 which I bumped up to 8 with tip.
So then he would have to return to the back of the queue
and wait for yet more hours to get another desultory fare.
He would be lucky to get even four or five fares in the rest
of the day? And this was a weekend, in the rain.
How could he possibly survive on such a tiny income, esp
bearing in mind overheads / taxes etc.?
It's depressing, but also a real mystery.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:27 am 

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Sorry - for 'Vicky' please read 'Nikki'.

ps is anyone else having probs with Shockwave
Flash on this site?
i keep getting messages saying it can't load or whatever
and then the screen freezes for maybe five or more

PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:46 pm 

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Nikkijonn wrote:
This is my situation. We now live in Wales. I am a sister on a paediatric intensive care unit and my partner is a factory worker. We have a 3 month old son. My partner is from the north and he has quite a well off family that would support us but I would like to live in the south as I know there is more english spoken there and the weather and beaches are better. My boyfriend doesn't mind where we live he just wants to live in Portugal as do I :) I do intend to learn portuguese but we are merely looking for a starting point. I have been on portuguese classes but have had to give up because I had my baby.

Hi Nikki, I lived in Porto for two years but moved back to the UK because I was getting more paying customers from the UK than from Portugal, and my Portuguese wife didn't like the pay being offered to her, so she wanted to return.

There are English people in Porto and it isn't hard to find them. Speak to the British Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, who hold a monthly networking evening, and look out for social events at the English Club (the English Cricket and Tennis Club). Hang around at Lais de Guia or Titanic bar on the beach in Matosinhos during holidays and you will find people with English accents.

Aside from that, many people happily speak English in Porto. One of the waiters in Lais de Guia (whose name I forget) lived in England for some years. Bar owners and cafe owners are often happy to chat in English, once you get to know which ones can speak it well.

Also, in Porto, there are a few new private hospitals which opened up around the city, so you may have possibilities of work. Portuguese will be required for that though, although an English speaking nurse ay be an asset for them.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 10:57 am 

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Nikkijonn, hello! Im not British, but I also live in the North of Portugal, Braga. You can pm if you still have been living there

PostPosted: Sat Oct 05, 2019 9:55 am 

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Hi IMHO you will find that the quality of life is sooo much better than the UK------ there is much more to life than money, the Portuguese are so incredibly friendly and family oriented, you must have a start in the language having started courses and your other half being Portuguese, I very much doubt you (or I) will ever totally master the language but once you get the confidence to brave it it will grow!!!!
If you can manage to think differently about money you will find you can live on much less here!!!!----- family and quality of life are the most important things here----- to me anyway, far more important than the latest BMW or "brand label" clothes!!!!!!
We very often nip to the cafe to chill and enjoy a coffee for a few cents or have a Prata de dia for €7-9----------- maybe that sort of lifestyle does not appeal to you????? You don't have to be fluent in the language to be sociable with the locals there!!!!!
I wouldn't have thought you would be seriously looking for full-time employment for a while but I am old fashioned that way, you will soon make friends to keep you occupied!!!!!
We are near Oliveira Do Hospital in central Portugal
Nigel and Pamala

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